Change the odds - raising social awareness

10 02 2011

I could not sleep yesterday as I was thinking about one of my projects: change the odds.

I've been reading a lot about randomness lately (e.g. Fooled by randomness by Nassim Taleb; must read btw.) and started to think about specific predeterminations in life. If you take a look at the percentage of people living in poverty, for example, it is easy to see that your birth location will tremendously increase or decrease your chance of living in poverty. If you don't believe in reincarnation and karma this seems quite unfair...

We want to change the odds and the only way I can think of to do this is to raise social awareness for good causes. That's where change the odds steps in. With change the odds you/your company/your grandma... can raise social awareness by starting a campaign for a specific cause. By combining information with a small yet realistic chance (remember the odds of being born in a favorable environment; it's like gambling) to win a related (it's all about involvement!) good or service we can reach numerous people and inform them how to help.


...Me starting a campaign to raise awareness about functional illiteracy with the help of the tiny amount of a 10€ Amazon gift certificate and providing valuable information of how to help.

...Apple sponsoring an Ipad to raise awareness and money for the One laptop a child initiative


... Tim Ferris sponsoring an e-book of his 4 hour workweek to inform you about burnout prevention (or his new 4 hour body book to inform all of us about obesity)

I think you got the idea...

We are still in private beta, but if you want to be an ambassador or help with all the odds and ends (no pun intended! ;-) ) drop me a line.

Checkout and help me to ... change the odds!


P.S.: I've decided to provide you guys with information at this (still) early
stage because I not only want it to develop a momentum on it's own but
also stop me from killing the idea because a similar thing may have
been done before and/or failed miserably. No worries, I've done stupid things before... ;o)


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