it's time for an update... in english!

28 02 2008

As I have to get used to write english essays and reports, I've decided to proceed in english.

Andreas made the same decision in his blog last semester (see the links section of this page) and I really start to understand why. As I've tried to avoid speeking german in the past few days and had to read a lot of english papers, I now try to not only speek/write but also think in english. Of course I know that my english is not perfect, but improving my english is basically one of the primary goals of this trip.

I've had 3 out of 4 subjects already and still haven't received the subject outline of the 4th subject. As a result, I've to wait until the end of the week to plan my semester and assignments. however, I have already figured out that I'll have a lot to do during the semester and time management is the key to success :-)

Ahh.. I've had my second kickboxing session on Tuesday and can hardly walk at the moment. Even though it's a kind of boot camp experience, I still like it.

Sorry for not responding to all your emails... I still haven't got internet access in my room :/



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28 02 2008
#1 lisa die kleine
kannst du das nächstemal bitte wieder auf deutsch schreiben damit ich es auch lesen kann :-O
29 02 2008
#2 cf
Hey (down) there!

Can't quite believe you switched to English! Hopefully you don't come back with one of those hard Aussie accents. This would heart my (UK) ears a lot. Imagine: in one of my courses an Italian girl has an even more British accent than me. And I tell you something: I absolutely like it!

I take one course "Management of Innovation and Technology" where we have to prepare scientific papers every week and then we have debates where a jury decides on who of the parties (Pro or against opinion) was better. Couldn't quite believe that apart from Franke/Hippel there is also others working in this area :-) Next week Gruber is going to be our guest speaker.

Although I don't take a lot of courses, there will be so much to do. So let me know in case you develop a sufficient time management tool.

Take care, have fun and be aware of hard kicks, be it from Kangaroos or from kick boxing.
04 03 2008
#3 Josip
hey Roman!

Great to read your blog, I like your decision to switch to english :-)..

I just wanted to let you know that I booked my flight, see you hopefully on July 17 :-)!

Best reagrds,

11 03 2008
#4 Chris
A+ for our man from down under ;-)

soll ich fehler ausbessern oder is das nicht erwünscht ? hehe..

lg, chris
12 03 2008
#5 Roman
i'll learn from failure :-P
17 03 2008
#6 Chris
Hopefully :-)

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