Paolos Birthday, Eastershow and.. it is time for tasmania?!

23 03 2008

On friday Paolo celebrated his birthday in Flavian's appartment. The appartment is located next to the hyde park in the 7th floor. 3 out of 4 walls in the livingroom are entirely made out of glass and as a result the view is amazing!

The party was great fun and i didn't get much sleep this night. The reason for getting up early the next day was the .. EASTER SHOW

It's an annual event with a lot of animals (sheeps, dogs, cats, cattle, alpacas, goats, pigs), rollercoasters and sideshows.I've been there with the uts saladbowl society and met a lot of nice people ;-)

I even managed to see my first koala and a bilby in australia:

What's more. Carlos and co plan to go to tasmania this weekend and asked me whether i want to join. I still have to check for flight and accommodation, but will hopefully be able to go with them ;-)

Have to work on my assignments now :-(
Viele Bussis, Roman


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