weekends in sydney

19 05 2008

there are definitely a lot of things to do in sydney... it's however funny as well to just
start somewhere in the city and have a look at all the interesting things going on.
Two weeks ago i put on my running shoes and started at hyde park, had a look at the Anzac memorial and the hyde park baracks museum, ran through the domain, entered a free photo exhibition, ran through the botanic gardens, had a nice walk at circual quay, visited the market at the rocks, ran from darling harbour back to market city, bought some fruits at paddy's market and headed back home.. wuhu :-)
anzac memorial
hyde park baracks museum
photo exhibition
bats in the trees
opera house
Didgeridoo player at circular quay
market at the rocks
paddy's market at 17:00 (should close at this time, everyone tries to buy and sell as much as possible as it is only open from thursday to sunday) THIS IS WAR!


in Sydney gib es definitv viel zu sehen und zu tun... es ist jedoch auch witzig einfach irgendwo mitten in der Stadt anzufangen und ohne wirkliches Ziel sich einfach anzusehen was gerade los ist.
Vor zwei Wochen, mit meine Laufenschuhen bewaffnet, bin ich im Hyde Park gestartet, hab mir das Anzac Denkmal und das Hyde park baracks museum angesehen, bin durch the domain gelaufen, hab eine gratis foto ausstellung besucht, bin durch die botanischen gärten gelaufen, am circular quay entlang spaziert, hab den markt in the rocks besucht, von darling harbour zurück zur market city gelaufen um dort obst zu kaufen und dann endlich wieder daheim anzukommen.. wuhu ;-)


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