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01 12 2010
Quick hack, zu testen unter dailycovers

'Amazon instant'- trying to build instant search with the amazon api

13 09 2010

Check out this quick and dirty hack: http://bit.ly/9hRNwr

Come back later to find out more ;-)

who tweets about ... ? - revisited: twitter timeplot generator

08 08 2010

Last week i stumpled upon the awesome simile widgets (a spin off of the simile project at MIT) and after playing around with timeline and timeplot for a while I thougt about bringing my who tweets about fun-project to the next level.

I startet with a timeline of tweets but realized that this is getting overloaded quite fast. So I used timeplot and its ability to load timeline events to come up with the twitter timeplot generator.

e.g.: who tweets about garmz and when?(click on the dates to see the tweets)

Due to Twitters search api limitation (1500 tweets) this is of limited use with popular topics. So I looked for an alternative source of tweets and found twapperkeeper.com which offers a number of tweet-archives on various hashtags.

I adapted the code and came up with this visualization of the days after jackos death(I removed the tweets due to their enormous number):

any ideas for events to visualize in this manner?

You can try it here: Twitter Timeplot

who tweets about ... ? twitter user cloud generator

08 07 2010
Wer tweetet ueber ein bestimmtes thema?
Ein kleiner Test mit der Twitter search API.

hier ausprobieren: twitter user cloud generator

Auch einen iframe kann man generieren und praktisch einbinden: z.b. wer tweetet ueber jumio.com (das neue Startup der Jahjah Gruender):

Fundstück: Sparklines for Excel

13 06 2010

MiniCharts in Excel (für die die noch kein Excel 2010 haben, so wie ich)! (z.b. ein kleines Chart pro Zahlenreihe)

A set of free User Defined Functions for Excel to create Sparklines :

the simple, intense, word-sized graphics invented by Edward Tufte.