Coggee Beach, Maroubra Beach

16 03 2008

coggee beach

Hey folks,

This is coogee beach. I've been there twice last week and I really like it. I still haven't managed to 'surf' any waves without swallowing a lot of water, but I'll not give up :-)

Yesterday me and 20-30 other people drove to maroubra beach to ...

Trying to surf the wave... and obviously failing ;-)

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i'm still alive (ich lebe noch)

12 03 2008

Even though I have a lot of readings to do i managed to go to the beach twice in the last few days. I had kickboxing yesterday and wait for my next lecture right now. I'll hopefully have internet in my flat soon and will upload more pictures! stay tuned...


Lisa, hast du meine Geburtstags-sms bekommen? Ich hoffe schon :-) Alles Gute!

it's time for an update... in english!

28 02 2008

As I have to get used to write english essays and reports, I've decided to proceed in english.

Andreas made the same decision in his blog last semester (see the links section of this page) and I really start to understand why. As I've tried to avoid speeking german in the past few days and had to read a lot of english papers, I now try to not only speek/write but also think in english. Of course I know that my english is not perfect, but improving my english is basically one of the primary goals of this trip.

I've had 3 out of 4 subjects already and still haven't received the subject outline of the 4th subject. As a result, I've to wait until the end of the week to plan my semester and assignments. however, I have already figured out that I'll have a lot to do during the semester and time management is the key to success :-)

Ahh.. I've had my second kickboxing session on Tuesday and can hardly walk at the moment. Even though it's a kind of boot camp experience, I still like it.

Sorry for not responding to all your emails... I still haven't got internet access in my room :/


Kickboxing, Tandem und BBQ @ Bronte Beach

24 02 2008

Meine erste Kickboxing-Einheit am Freitag endete mit Blasen auf den Füßen und dem bösesten Muskelkater den ich je hatte.
Werd wohl doch lieber in die Beginner Einheit schaun und nicht zu Beginner/Fortgeschrittene, auch wenn mir das zeitlich nicht so gut passt.

Achja.. Tandem matching war auch..

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keep on runnin'

19 02 2008

Nachdem ich gestern 6-8km gelaufen und dementsprechend fertig bin, bin ich heute endlich mal wieder auf der uni.

Hier laufen an die 100 leute mit orangen tshirts rum (Peer Networker), die neuen studenten weiterhelfen.

Meine Fragen wurden bisher jedoch meist nur mit fragenden Blicken beantwortet.. naja.. sie habens zumindest versucht :-)

sonst gibt's heute wenig neues, ich warte gerade aufs gratis BBQ und ueberlege dem fitnesscenter hier beizutreten. Mal schaun ob die Laufrunde samstags wirklich fussballspielen geht.. dann wuerd ich eh schon genug sport machen ;-)